Filling up the tanks

Air & Gas

Air is available at 232 Bar at Lake - cost £4.00 (3 Litre - 15 Litre)

Other gas mixtures Nitrox ,Tri-Mix , 300 Bar air are available from Main Andark Shop at bottom of Lane.

Prices below are for Air available at the Andark Shop only.

Cylinder Size Up to 240 bar Up to 300 bar
3-15 litre £4.00 £5.00




Need to hire equipment for your dive?

We have a range of diving kit available for hire if you do not have your own or forget it on the day!

Below is the price list, if you want to per-book to guarantee your kit hire either book online here, or telephone 01489 885811 during our opening hours.

Equipment Type Cost of Hire
BCD £10.00
Regs £14.00
Cylinders £7.00 included first air fill
Jet Fins £5.00
Mask, Snorkel, fins package £10.00
Weight Belt with lead £6.00
Drysuit £25.00
Wetsuit £15.00
Package Price £49.00


Equipment hire either as a package or individually is available in a variety of sizes. Drysuits can be hired by certificated divers or those under instruction of a qualified instructor. Drysuit courses available on site.

A credit/debit card deposit is required and kit is only available to use on site. If hire kit is not returned the appropriate replacement cost will be charged to your card.